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In case you missed it: A Federal Judge In Mexico Orders Total Ban Of GM Maize Crops Over Environmental Harm. More Here:

Mexico Bans GMO Corn, Effect Immediately! More Here:

Craft Restaurants founder Tom Colicchio, known also for his work as the head judge on Bravo’s hit competition show Top Chef, discusses what it means to be a food activist.

In Mexico, thousand of campesinos marched in the capital Thursday to protest the planting of genetically modified corn by U.S. corporations. Read more here:

Many GMO crops are engineered to produce their own pesticide (such as Bt toxin), while others have been created to withstand large applications of herbicides like Roundup. Both have had devastating consequences for pollinating species like honeybees.

It Is What It Isfrom It Is What It Is

Oil Spills …. all over!!

Image from Occupy Santa Fe

The Mayan communities stated that the planting of GM Soybeans affected the traditional historical practices of the people (beekeeping) and that there was a violation of their right to a healthy environment through the overuse of herbicides and deforestation that GMOs encourage. Learn more:

Mexico Judge Rules That GMOs Are Imminent Threat. More Here:

This quote describes a part of me because it touches on how everyone sins and people should acknowledge it. Knowing that at some point, everyone has sinned, everyone has made a mistake, then, you can accept that the mistakes themselves can be different. This describes me because I like to think that I am generally very accepting of people with different lifestyles and try to keep an open mind.

Sit-in and Hunger-Strike in Mexico City Against GMO Corn Plantations. More here!

The Grocery Manufacturers Association is concealing the identities of out-of-state corporations, namely Big Food companies, which are funneling donations to the NO on I-522 campaign through the multi-billion dollar Washington D.C.-based lobbying group. The Moms had a whistleblower lined up to testify. But then the judge dismissed their case, on a technicality. TAKE ACTION: Tell Washington State’s Attorney General: Investigate the GMA’s Money Laundering Scheme

Breaking! Brazil Congress Narrowly Votes Down Approval Of GMO Terminator Seeds! Read More Here: