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    An investigation has revealed that pesticides killed thousands of bees across Minneapolis last month. More here: www.cornucopia.or...

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      An investigation has revealed that pesticides killed thousands of bees across Minneapolis last month. More here:

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      An investigation has revealed that pesticides killed thousands of bees across Minneapolis last month.

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    Beyond honey bees, neonicotinoid pesticides now found to be killing baby birds

    Pesticides are killing bees. Please read the Economist article 'Bee Off' in the January 28th, 2012 issue.

    Neonicotinoid pesticides: Horrendous, environment-ravishing, bee-killing properties are responsible for entire bee colony collapses. www.naturalnews.c...

    Three big lies pesticide-makers are planting in the media, to make you think pesticides aren't killing pollinators. Learn more: Help spread the truth by sharing this pin! #SaveTheBees #SaveOurPollinators

    Chemicals kill bees

    “The pilot study, co-authored by the Pesticide Research Institute, found that 7 of 13 samples of garden plants purchased at top retailers in Washington D.C., the San Francisco Bay Area and Minneapolis contain neurotoxic pesticides known as neonicotinoids that studies show could harm or kill bees and other pollinators."

    During the summer months, queen bees can lay up to 2,500 eggs per day. | 11 Things You Should Know Right Now About Honey Bees

    Certain pesticides may increase some food crop production but they very well may be killing bees and the result could be a loss of a wide variety of crops. #beehivecandles

    I am concerned about bees and the colony collapses that are being driven by man's pesticide and herbicide use. We won't have food without the bees, simple as that. "Soylent green is people" (see the movie, Soylent Green

    25,000 Dead Bees in Target Store Parking Lot: The blooming linden trees in the Target parking lot had been sprayed with Safari, a pesticide produced by Valent Professional Products, to protect the plants from aphid attack. However, the active ingredient in Safari was the chemical dinotefuran, an insect-killing poison chemically similar to nicotine. These nicotine-like pesticides, known as neonicotinoids kill bees, along with a wide range of other insects. - Discovery News

    Mason bees don't sting, don't swarm, and don't make honey. But they *do* pollinate plants way better than regular bees. Put up a mason bee house, order some bees, and enjoy your harvest.

    Be sure your garden is properly pollinated by welcoming bees with the Mason Bee House (these bees don't sting but pollinate like crazy!). via Gardener's Supply Company

    Mason Bee House

    Without bees what will your garden grow? Every year we get more and more people complaining because they are out in the garden with paint brushes pollinating there cucumbers. Stop using pesticides and let the bees do what they do best. Farmer John

    Who Killed The Honey Bee? (BBC Documentary Full Length Video)

    I used to pet these guys when I was a kid. So fuzzy! "If bees disappeared from the earth, man would have four years to live" -Einstein Please, help us tell the US government, Home Depot, Lowes and the media that we DO NOT SUPPORT Bee killing pesticides our governtment just approved.

    "One of every three bites of food you eat depends on the honey bee. They pollinate at least 130 different crops in the US alone, including fruits, vegetables and tree nuts." So why do we continue to kill bees with GMOs, pesticides and insecticides? Read More About the Amazing Things Bees Do For Us: www.organicconsum...

    Thousands are swarming in to "Show Bees Some Love" are you? Learn more and take action: www.organicconsum...

    We almost didn't have enough honey bees to pollinate our almond crops this year. Pictures like this just show the beauty and intense need to support bees and stop the use of pesticides. What can you do? www.beyondpestici...

    This Valentine's Day, show bees some love by signing up to deliver a valentine to Home Depot and Lowe's stores urging them to stop selling bee-killing pesticides. Sign up to participate at this link, and closer to the date we'll send you a printable valentine to deliver: