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    Learn more about Big Food’s misuse of the word natural and other dirty little secrets: www.onlyorganic.o... #fact #food #organic #cleanliving #cleaneats

    Lisa Stokke, co-founder of Food Democracy Now!, weighs in why Cheerios should become third party verified! More:

    Tell General Mills you will not "bee satisfied" until both cereals are non-GMO verified! Take action here:

    Do you think GMOs are natural? If not tell General Mills to stop deceiving the 6 million Americans that eat Honey Nut Cheerios every morning!

    Hey Cheerios, we hope you are still listening! Your customers would like 3rd party verification such as the Non-GMO Project. More:

    Cheerios goes non-GMO, but what about the vitamin E?

    75 million people reached with the message: " Cheerios remove GMOs in response to consumer demand." New to this story? Read more here:

    Now all we need is verification from a third party! Learn more here:

    Check out Cheerio's New Made Without GMOs Box! More Here: www.nongmoproject...

    Thanks Cheerios for removing GMOs! Learn more here:

    How can Cheerios be heart healthy when there are GMOs inside? Take action here: action.greenameri...

    Join us in sharing your message to Cheerios. Take action here:

    Want non-GMO Cheerios? Just fly to Europe! Cheerios sold in Europe don't contain any GM ingredients. Learn more here:

    Tell Cheerios you don't want to be a lab rat! Take action here:

    Want non-GMO Cheerios?Just fly to Europe! Learn more:

    Deception at General Mills: The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report For General Mills. More Here:

    GMO-Free Cheerios In Europe And Not In North America?#FAIL. More Here:

    Cheerios sold in Europe do not contain any GM ingredients. Take action and make your voice heard here:

    General Mills Flunked Corporate Leadership Test On Handling GMOs In Food. More Here:

    Tell Cheerios To Stop Hiding GMOs! Take Action Here:

    No GMOs, Cheerios! Join us and call on General Mills to remove GMOs from their products here: www.greenamerica....

    In Honor Of World Food Day We Are Launching Our No GMOs, Cheerios campaign. Take action:

    Check out some photos from the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore this past weekend! If you didn't attend, join us in asking Cheerios to remove GMOs from their products here:

    Say No More GMOs, Cheerios! Take Action Here:

    Ask Cheerios to remove GMOs from their cereal here!