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Are you eating Monsanto GMO butter? Learn more here: http://gmoinside.org/cant-believe-butter

Monsanto doesn't want to eat it's own product? How peculiar.....


Is this why Chobani can sell their "Monsanto Milk" yogurt as natural?! More Here: http://gmoinside.org/youre-appointing-who-please-obama-say-its-not-so/

If you drink almond, coconut, soy or rice milk, you need to make sure it does not contain carrageenen, a substance found to be carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Corn & Soy...If it's not organic-it's probably Monsanto P.S. The 1% DON'T eat Monsanto's products!!!

Want to know the raw truth about raw milk? Find out the raw FAQ's for raw milk here. They may make you think twice about drinking pasteurized milk.

Don't eat these brands....they use monsanto products

why you should eat real butter | Which ones to buy | Explains grass fed, organic, and gmo-free | From WholesomeMommy.com

Are you eating a conventional butter referred to as “Monsanto butter”? Conventional butter is usually made from milk that comes from cows fed mostly with GMO corn, grains and soy---and Monsanto is the largest producer of GMOs and GMO seeds in the word. Educate yourself and find out which type of butter you should be buying for your family. http://foodbabe.com/2014/01/20/is-butter-secretly-ruining-your-health/ and https://www.facebook.com/doctor.health

NO to GMO and Monsanto

Monsanto or Organic? #monsanto #gmo #geneticallymodified

Monsanto GMO #monsanto #gmo #geneticallymodified

Your right to know what's GMO!


Top 10 breakfast cereals most likely to contain Monsanto's GMO corn. http://www.naturalnews.com/Infographic-10-Breakfast-Cereals-Most-Likely-Contain-Monsanto-GMO-Corn.html

Stop Monsanto

GMO's and Monsanto

say NO to Monsantos GMO foods!!! #monsanto #gmo #geneticallymodified

Monsanto or Organics? Who should you trust with your food?