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    What Do People Think? Americans Overwhelmingly Support GMO Food Labeling, According To Studies. More Here:

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Support GMO labeling: We have a right to know what's in our food.

Label GMOs. We have a right to know what we eat and feed to our families. :)

"if you put a label on genetically engineered food you might as well put a skull & crossbones on it." -president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subs. of Monsanto. "Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest in in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job." -Monsanto's director of corporate

Filings released this week by the California Secretary of State’s office denote that the world’s six largest pesticide corporations have become the six biggest contributors to opponents of Prop 37. In all, they have funneled in excess of 20 million $ to oppose the measure which, again, would require what should already be happening: the labeling of genetically engineered or modified food. The money has especially funded an aggressive, extensive ad campaign in recent weeks.

America wants GMO Food Labeled. Clearly the US government doesn't care about its people, only the money they make.

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GMO Labeling......should NOT be a option...Label ALL food now!

Absolute Majority Of Americans Want GMO Food To Be Labeled. More Here: