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Cheerios Uses GMOs! Join us and SEND IT BACK! More: http://gmoinside.org/cheerios-send-back-attack

Cheerios Send Back Attack! Tell General Mill you don't want them to use GMOs in their cereal anymore! Take action here: http://gmoinside.org/cheerios-send-back-attack

Want non-GMO Cheerios? Just fly to Europe! Learn more: http://gmoinside.org/want-non-gmo-cheerios-just-fly-europe

Hey Cheerios, we hope you are still listening! Your customers would like 3rd party verification such as the Non-GMO Project. More: http://gmoinside.org/top-5-unanswered-questions-cheerios-removing-gmos

Cheerios sold in Europe do not contain any GM ingredients. Take action and make your voice heard here: http://gmoinside.org/want-non-gmo-cheerios-just-fly-europe

Hey Cheerios, here's another love letter from us! We're calling this one, 3 steps to a satisfied customer.Call Cheerios 800-248-7310 and ask them if they're going to get Non-GMO Project and if they're going to remove GMOs from Honey Nut Cheerios. Take Action Here: http://gmoinside.org/cheerios

Tell Cheerios You Cant Get No Satisfaction Until They Remove GMOs From Their Products!!! https://www.facebook.com/Cheerios

75 million people reached with the message: " Cheerios remove GMOs in response to consumer demand." New to this story? Read more here: http://gmoinside.org/victory-consumers-general-mills-announces-original-cheerios-now-non-gmo

Join us in taking action against the companies that fought against your fundamental right to know about GMOs! http://www.gmoinside.org/

Tell General Mills and Cheerios to remove GMOs from their products! Post a GMO comment on their wall here: http://www.facebook.com/cheerios

General Mills spent a year reformulated original Cheerios to get the GMOs out. If they want to see marketplace advantage for this important move they need to take steps to promote this achievement to consumers and provide the assurances of third-party verification so that consumers know the achievement is real. Read more: www.gmoinside.org/failure-launch-general-mills-strange-inability-create-market-advantage-non-gmo-cheerios-todd-larsen #GMOs #nonGMO #GMOCheerios

While we await non-GMO verification from a third party for Cheerios we recommend Nature's Path Organic Foods. Learn more: http://gmoinside.org/victory-consumers-general-mills-announces-original-cheerios-now-non-gmo

How Pervasive Are GMOs In Animal Feed? Learn More Here: http://gmoinside.org/gmos-in-animal-feed

GMOs & Monsanto


Now all we need is verification from a third party! Learn more here: http://gmoinside.org/victory-consumers-general-mills-announces-original-cheerios-now-non-gmo

Five things to know about avoiding GMOs. Read Here: http://gmoinside.org/3-tips-for-a-non-gmo-diet/

Hybrids are NOT the same as GMOs. The simple difference is one is made in nature with nature and the other was manipulated in a lab. GMOs could never occur in nature! GMOs are currently created by chemical companies and are also reliant on chemicals to grow. A double dose of chemicals is what you’ve agreed to if you support or ingest GMOs. Get more facts here: www.gmoinside.org/faq Please share this info-graphic! #NoGMOs #GMOs #RightToKnow GMO Inside

Tell Honey Nut Cheerios to go non-GMO and get third party verified! Take action here: https://www.facebook.com/GmoInside

Take action and tell Chobani to remove GMOs from their products here: http://gmoinside.org/take-action

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