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The Viennese Doctors' Chamber issued a warning about GMOs: "If such genetically manipulated organisms are released into nature they can hardly be controlled and are also irretrievable. 'They represent a substantial risk to the biological balance of nature', [Piero] Lercher warns. The effects on human health are also undefined. There are hardly any study results and certainly no long-term data, therefore for Lercher 'the principle of precaution should be applied'."

GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush! Shocking photos reveal severe damage

Which of your favorite natural and organic brands actually support the labelling of GMOs and your right to know? prop 37 poster

A study found some important differences between organic, conventional, and GM (genetically modified) soybeans that are on the market. The results seem to suggest that avoiding GM soybeans may help decrease our likelihood of experiencing endocrine disruption and obesity. environmentalilln...

The New York Times is reporting that a "tidal wave" of "a disease that few farmers had seen until five years ago" called Goss's Wilt has been sweeping GMO corn crops in the U.S. QUESTIONS: How great a threat to our food security are GMO crops? Why are US taxpayers being forced to subsidize these failing (and health and environmentally risky) GMO science experiments?

Study Links Monsanto’s RoundUp to Autism, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s Disease

♥ this! ...however there is still debate on the proper amount of sleep needed, some new studies indicates that 4-5 hrs a night can actually increase longevity

GMO and NON-GMO SNACK CHART...interesting

So pretty much everything ive been eating is most likely made from genetically modified ingredients! :( yuck

10 reasons why Organic is better #3 includes less doctor visits and meds = less cost