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GMO Inside
GMO Inside • 22 weeks ago

Doctors' Chamber Warns Of "Unpredictable Results" To Humans From GMOs. More Here:

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The Viennese Doctors' Chamber issued a warning about GMOs: "If such genetically manipulated organisms are released into nature they can hardly be controlled and are also irretrievable. 'They represent a substantial risk to the biological balance of nature', [Piero] Lercher warns. The effects on human health are also undefined. There are hardly any study results and certainly no long-term data, therefore for Lercher 'the principle of precaution should be applied'."

Doctor not allowed to warn patients of hazardous fracking chemicals, federal judge rules

Pesticides don't wash off. Hear what a doctor has to say. Farmers and farm workers get the most, but research shows we are all being exposed through the food we eat, air we breath, and water we drink. Poisoning our food and our children has to stop.

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The scientists say that rigorous independent studies investigating the safety of GMO foods would involve animal feeding studies in which one group is fed GMO food and another fed an equivalent non-GMO diet. But those studies are very rare. And when they have been conducted, some have revealed toxic effects in the GMO-fed animals. More troubling, those concerns have not been followed up by research that could confirm or refute the original findings.

FDA Approves First GMO Flu Vaccine: Expected On Market in 2014