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Cheerios Send Back Attack! Tell General Mill you don't want them to use GMOs in their cereal anymore! Take action here:

Tell General Mills and Cheerios to remove GMOs from their products! Post a GMO comment on their wall here:

Calling on General Mills to take the next step and remove GMOs from Honey Nut Cheerios and get third party verified! Take action here:

Cheerios sold in Europe do not contain any GM ingredients. Take action and make your voice heard so we can have the same here in the U.S.!

Tell Cheerios You Cant Get No Satisfaction Until They Remove GMOs From Their Products!!!

Deception at General Mills: The Real Corporate Social Responsibility Report For General Mills. More Here:

Chobani, be a champion and remove GMOs from your dairy production! Take action!

4.5 teaspoons of sugar? Sugar and GMOs go hand in hand with Honey Nut Cheerios! Tell General Mills breakfast should not be a science experiment: To learn about GMO sugar go here: #GMOs #NonGMO #HoneyNut #HoneyNutGMO

Send an email to these three companies and take action against GMOs!

Happy Pollinator week! Today we are launching our General Mills Call-In Day of Action. Join thousands of callers from across the country and urge General Mills to remove GMOs from its products: #GMOs #takeaction #activism GMO Inside Like

GMOInsiders! We are so inspired by your knowledge and willingness to stand with us to remove GMOs from OUR food supply! Thank you! Take action with us here:

eatLocalGrownfrom eatLocalGrown

Eat Locally Grown Food


Genetically Engineered Foods, GMOs, Tell FDA to label genetically engineered food:

Tell Chobani you're not buying it unless they source non-GMO feed for their dairy production. Take action here:

Take action! No more GMO dairy!