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  • ❤️makenzie lewis❤️

    Did you know that 6 multinational companies dominate the agricultural input market and they are in cahoots? When a handful of corporations own the world’s seed, pesticide and biotech industries, they control the fate of food and farming. Between them, Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont control the global seed, pesticide and agricultural biotechnology markets. / GMO Insiders

  • kelly chen

    Would you rather a real food company control agriculture, or a pesticide chemical company controlling agriculture? The entire food chain is corrupted, thanks to Moronsanto!

  • Cassiel Angel

    Don't forget Monsanto isn't the only one producing GMO's! Dow, Dupont and Syngenta and all big players in the game as well!

  • bioe

    #Monsanto #GMO

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Did you know that 6 multinational companies dominate the agricultural input market and they are in cahoots? More here:

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