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Did you know that 6 multinational companies dominate the agriculture input market and they are in cahoots? Read more here:

Is this why Chobani can sell their "Monsanto Milk" yogurt as natural?! More Here:

Check out Marion Nestle's blog post about “food company sponsorship of nutrition research and practice.” She advises: "In my opinion, agriculture, food, nutrition, and health professionals should dismiss industry-sponsored research out of hand, and journals should not accept industry-sponsored papers."

FACT: Land O'Lakes Owns Forage Genetics, the co-developer of GE alfalfa, along with Monsanto. More:

Join Food Democracy Now! in taking back our food, agriculture and environment! #BanGMOs #StopMonsanto #Contamination Farmers vs Monsanto

The majority of US farmland and farmers has been taken over and manipulated by Monsanto! We are here to take it back! Join us and get the facts here:

Did you know that the current GMOs used in the US are all reliant on the high usage of pesticides? The same companies creating and patenting those GMOs are also creating the toxic pesticides used to grow these crops. Get informed: