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Want to avoid GMO foods? There's an app for that! Buycott has you covered: http://ijpr.org/post/those-who-want-avoid-gmo-foods-theres-app

Go non-GMO!

Looking for NON-GMO Food? Here's a list of 1000 different companies with NON-GMO products. If you're concerned about GMO food you'll want to bookmark this page.


GMO alert: top 10 genetically modified foods to avoid eating

GMO OMG • documentary

To avoid


Non GMO Shopping Guide- good list for brands. I know some of it is wrong because I have found some of the Super Target no's


400 Companies That DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products

Top GMO foods to avoid

10 Apps to Help You Eat GMO Free - Food Revolution Network Blog

foods to avoid

Avoid the food whose number starts with an "8" - look at the stickies! Those are the GMO's. ... it would be GREAT if this is true!

GMO free foods - as a reminder!

Know your food - Produce Codes Demystified www.wholekidsfoundation.com #nutrition #organic #gmo #shopping #healthychange #oogave #eathealthy #education #healthykids

4. Cinnamon Many heart diseases can be prevented or cured just by one spoonful of cinnamon. Just as you probably heard that you can make the medicine go down by one spoonful of sugar. Just one spoonful of cinnamon used in a daily basis can prevent and clear your plaque build-up in arteries and also […]

I like seeing more foods having the non-gmo label, especially the popcorn I buy regularly: ) Organic-Things to Know About Avoiding GMO's #health #fitness #organic #diabetes #type1 #type2 www.essanteorganics.com/mainelyorganic


Non-GMO options!