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    Say no to the DARK act aka Pompeo bill

    To oppose the DARK Act and its corporate cronies, create real transparency on GMOs nationally, and protect our right to know, Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced a mandatory labeling bill. We urge you to call 1-877-796-1949 and tell Congress to stand up for our food system and our right to know by supporting the MANDATORY labeling bill! #stoptheDARKact #labelGMOs #GMOs

    On World Health Day we urge you to take action in joining us and Food Democracy Now! to ban Roundup. Get the recent news on the health implications linked to glyphosate. #stopmonsanto #GMOs #food #glyphosate #anewresistance #cancer #humanhealth #takeaction

    Over 13,000 GMO Insiders signed a petition urging PepsiCo’s Sabra to go non-GMO! Have you signed? Take action: #GMOSabra #sabrabowl

    We believe that our food supply matters! Join GMO Inside in taking it back! We give thanks to MLK for this beautiful reminder. #GMOs #NonGMO #food #GoOrganic #MLK #quote

    PepsiCo, owner of Sabra hummus, has spent $8.6 MILLION to keep you in the dark about GMOs. While Sabra says it is dedicated to the people, places and environment that contribute to its product, it falls short of fulfilling that claim. Why is that? Sabra hummus is one of the many PepsiCo products laden with GMOs. So much for being a healthy alternative! #GMO's #GMOfood

    It's true Pepsi spent MILLIONS to keep GMOs hidden so you wouldn’t suspect GMO in their products! Share this post far and wide! See the totals spent this year alone here: and check out ALL the Pepsi products here: #GMOs #food #righttoknow #LabelGMOs

    Congress is about to hold a hearing on Congressman Mike Pompeo's DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) ACT, a bill that would strip states of the right to pass GMO labeling laws. Let's turn out thousands of citizens and consumers to protest this bill! Learn how you can join here:

    Food for thought! If each of us grew just a small portion of our own food, organically and without the use of GMO seeds, it would have an enormous impact on our health and our food system. Do you agree? #gardening #organic #health #food #sustainability

    Cows should be eating grass- not GMO grains! GMO corn, soy, cotton and alfafa make up the factory-farmed dairy cow diet. Tell Dean Foods and Land O'Lakes you don't want to be a lab rat: To avoid GMO dairy look for certified organic products since organic standards prohibit the use of GMOs.

    Land O'Lakes is spending $1.28M against your right to know about GMOs. Tell Land O'Lakes you don't want to be a lab rat: View anti-GMO labeling funding here: Take action:

    Call up Smucker's and ask them what the "smuck" is up with removing your comments? 888-550-9555 And ask them why they're spending $640,000 to block consumers’ right to know about GMOs? $640K is just what they spent this year alone and NOW they are also censoring consumers talking about GMOs on social media!!! Read press release here:

    October is Non-GMO month! Enter a fun photo of yourself contributing in any way to spreading the word about the harmful effects of GMOs! Be creative! The photo contest winner will receive a Green Festival Gift Basket! Get information here: Green Festival Chicago Non-GMO Project

    We marched in solidarity with our allies Organic Consumers Association at the People's Climate March! Join us in sharing the truth about climate chaos-- organic and sustainable farmers are the solution to ending climate change around the world! www.fooddemocrayn... #ClimateMarch #food #climate #soil #sustainability #goorganic

    If we are to create a nutritious, healthy, non-GMO, fair-trade food supply, this is a first-hand way to experience what we may one day achieve. Learn more about the 10-day local food challenge here: #localvore #food #nonGMO #contamination #organic #sustainability #cleaneats

    Tell Similac, Enfamil and Good Start to wean themselves from GMOs in their infant formula. GMO Insiders are calling on the three largest U.S. infant formula manufacturers Similac, Enfamil, and Good Start to remove their GMO ingredients, as there are mounting concerns about the health of GMOs, particularly for infants, whose immune systems are not fully developed. Of course we recommend breastfeeding infants first but when parents or infants can't we recommend non-GMO alternatives.

    FUND A FILM! Roundup is showing up everywhere! Watch this outrageous trailer for the film A New Resistance: Show your support for Ed Brown's new film! #Donate here: #GMOs #Roundup #StopMonsanto

    BREAKING: Lack of Transparency Fuels Corruption Allegations in Organic Governance. The Cornucopia Institute has called upon USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to make public all candidates for appointment to fill the four vacancies on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). More here: www.cornucopia.or... #organic #food #USDA #corruption

    The GMO Inside team was pleasantly surprised to receive an envelope in the mail from Tarri Markel, a GMO Insider based in Los Angeles. In the envelope, Tarri enclosed a copy of the letter that she sent to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. We were floored by her inspiring message explaining why organic milk matters, and felt compelled to share her letter with you. Read her letter here: #gmos #starbucks #GMOdairy

    Oregon Right To Know has just turned in 155,661 signatures to qualify their right to know GMO labeling measure for the November ballot! Congrats to the hundreds of volunteers that made this happen. Show your support with a share or a like! www.oregonrightto... #LabelGMOs #righttoknow #food #GMOs

    Happy Pollinator week! Today we are launching our General Mills Call-In Day of Action. Join thousands of callers from across the country and urge General Mills to remove GMOs from its products: #GMOs #takeaction #activism GMO Inside Like

    f you've signed to get Oregon Right To Know on the ballot set this image as your Facebook profile photo. We need to collect 87,213 signatures to put the Oregon Right to Know GMO Labeling Initiative on the November 2014 ballot. Sign your support here: www.oregonrightto... We also need volunteers for signature gathering, sign up here: www.oregonrightto... #GMOs #righttoknow #labelGMOs #Oregon

    In honor of Rachel Carson's birthday, we're calling on GMO Insiders to take action! Make your voice heard and submit your comment to the EPA by May 30, 2014. It only takes a few minutes, but your comments have the power to make a real impact in the decision making process. Learn more: #EPA #herbicide #glyphosate #roundup #agentorange

    Join the Food Revolution Summit on April 26th and enjoy free access to amazing speakers such as Raj Patel, Amy Goodman, Mark Hyman, MD, Food Babe, Alisa Gravitz, Dr. Jane Goodall, Woody Harrelson and many more! Details here: foodrevolution.or... #GMOs #food #foodies #health #humanhealth #futureoffood