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64 countries around the world label GMO food. India was the most recent country to adopt a mandatory labeling law at the beginning of 2013. Some countries have no need for a labeling law because they do not allow any GE food, such as Zambia, Benin and Serbia, which all have total bans on GE imports and cultivation. Turkey is now debating becoming the first country to label GE animal products — meat, milk, eggs, cheese and other products — from animals raised on GE feed. Read more here: ...


Determine what REALLY works for your business and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to rid yourself of what is NOT working. This leaves more time, resources, and focus to find more things that WILL get you where you want to be.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are essentially legalized poison. Grow your own food or buy from local non-GMO producers. Support legislation to require labeling so that we can have a choice in deciding what food version we prefer. If GMOs are supposedly not harmful as the FDA & food manufacturers say, then let the consumers decide which version they would prefer. Why not let truth and choice prevail? Cigarettes & alcohol have a warning and so should GMO franken foods!

Say No To GMO! It's Irresponsible Science with NO controlled human testing and only 90 days of animal testing.

64 other countries already label GMO foods, so why not the U.S.? Learn more here:

Non-GMO Thanksgiving How to have a healthy and nutritious holiday dinner - lots of great Non-GMO tips here Also read: thecravingscoach....