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Determine what REALLY works for your business and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to rid yourself of what is NOT working. This leaves more time, resources, and focus to find more things that WILL get you where you want to be.

Say No To GMO! It's Irresponsible Science with NO controlled human testing and only 90 days of animal testing.

MSG GMO. If you're not concerned, you should be! Never heard of GMO? Then you don't understand the power of the business man.

Would you vote YES on 522 to require labeling GMO food? www.naturalnews.c...

How to Eat if you are avoiding GMO

#GMO labeling -- we have a right to know! See if your favorite brands are supporting or opposing Prop 37 in California

Say NO to Genetically Modified (GMO)/Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods. Educate yourself. Support GMO labeling efforts in your state. There are sooo many items with 'modified' or other words as such in the ingredients. Those are key... They won't tell you they are GMO, GE foods!! But our own Ignorance can harm us! I prefer seeds planted that are natural, not 'man-gineered' seeds. We know not what these can do to a human. They feed animals the grains/feed grown from GMO seeds... now the animal is also tainted! Say "No to GMO"!

  • Robert Sarnik

    Ah yes, they've only been eating it for about three decades without any links to harmful effects.

  • ✌ 1stBeStrong

    Any proof to that statement Robert Are you sure it has nothing to do with the dramatic increase in sone health issues? Like... Oh, how about the huge rise in Autistic Children as 1 example?! Hmmmm?

  • Robert Sarnik

    Are you asking me to prove a negative to 100%, because that's what it sounds like, which is a ridiculous request. There is a teapot somewhere in the orbital space between Earth and Mars, since you can't prove me wrong that means that it's there. Your claim, if that's what it is, sounds too much like what anti-vaccine campaigners claim with about as much (read lack of) evidence to back it up. Contributors to the apparent increase in autism are, for example, the broadening of what falls within the autism spectrum as well as better methods for diagnosing autism. Correlation does not mean causation, especially not as flimsy correlation as this, it's that kind of thinking that lead to so many people being burned as witches. “Our crops failed. Hey, look, that old woman has warts... Burn her!” GMOs are thoroughly tested, more so than for example hybrid crops (which actually have produced a few harmful products that had to be pulled from the market). So instead of saying “are you sure it doesn't cause ? Hmmmm?” You could provide studies or the like that actually back up your claim. Peer-reviewed mind, and kindly not those that have been completely discredited already.

The Donor Lists For The GMO Initiative Say Everything! Read Here: www.thestranger.c...

A yes vote on I-522 would simply label GMO foods so you can make an informed choice at the grocery store. More Here:

Want to avoid GMO foods? There's an app for that! Buycott has you covered: