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Thank you Washington for bringing us one step closer to GMO labeling! More here:


A Yes on 522 will label GMOs. 64 other countries already do it, so why not the U.S.? Learn More Here:


Breaking news: In the battle over GMO labeling bill I-522 in Washington, the Grocery Manufacturers Association has just been caught running a money laundering slush fund that funneled over $7 million into the campaign while illegally concealing the identities of the donors. Mafia-style tactics are routinely used by the biotech industry to cheat, steal or influence ballot measures.

I-522: Your Right To Know. Learn More Here:


WA State Testing Alfalfa For GMO Contamination. More Here:


The Colbert Report Covers Yes On 522 last night! Watch and share:

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Revisited. More Here:

Grocery Manufacturers Association claims its civil rights violated by Washington campaign finance laws. More here:

Washington State Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Wheat.