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  • Andrea Fernandez Gargiulo

    Very clever way to make customers really understand how caged animals feel. This copy implies that as a result to the stress the chicken in the cages suffer from, they probably don't produce good eggs or meat. I really like it, because if carried out, it will prove the company's point.

  • Cornucopia Institute

    How do your eggs measure up and are those chickens cooped up? Separating factory farm egg production from authentic organic egg production. More:

  • Jeanne Michelle 👗

    Food For Thought ... Just another example of how we should treat ALL animals big and small: with constant dignity and respect.

  • Andy Wyeth

    marketing caged hens in your bus stop


    "We've stopped selling eggs from caged hens. Take 10 ppl with you into this telephone booth and you'll understand why" : kateausburn

  • Liz Nicolet

    a photo courtesy of occupy monsanto

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