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Go non-GMO!

China Rejects Another Shipment Of GMO Corn From U.S. Read More Here:,0,2126813.story#ixzz2owQB6KUz

Pros and Cons - Boycott These Non-Caring Companies, They Let Us Know How Much They Care About America Now Let's Show THEM!! BOYCOTT NOW!!! Why Do We Get The POISON?!! All The Other Country's Have Labels &/Or Have Removed It Completely But NOT FOR THE USA?? .. "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO - BUY ORGANIC!! GMO IN THE USA=NO LABELS!!... MAKE YOUR FAMILY STERILE IN 3 GENERATIONS! EAT GMO FOODS!!! BOYCOTT GMO FOODS!!

China Rejects Shipment of U.S. GM Corn. More Here:,0,3620490.story#ixzz2mRx1Weez

US Traders Fear Rejection Of Corn Byproduct By GMO-Wary China. More:

50 counties have banned GMO's why not the USA ? When will the US catch up with GMO labeling?

Green America's GMO Inside Director Elizabeth O'Connell describes the scene at yesterday's GMO protest at the FDA. More Here:

Top 5 GMO Foods That Might Surprise You: You probably know that corn and soy are gmo but did you know that papaya is gmo? Better check out the other top 5 gmos!