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China Rejects Another Shipment Of GMO Corn From U.S. Read More Here:

#China has destroyed shipments of #GMO food. google if you don't believe it.

Analysis: Rand Paul's response to GMO labeling and the proper role of limited government. GO RAND!

Stop Monsanto

#GMO food #monsanto - Became a dietitian because believed we can save lives with food. Cannot save lives with food that is poisoned, genetically modified , and weak/lacking nutrition. It is with our dollars that we will take the food system back away from these big biotech and food corporations that are now telling us what we can and cannot eat. People need to monitor safety and not the government because too much money and power with big ag/corporate. Stop buying their products, buy organic!

Um, pls tell me why all non-sugar free gum (except that obtained in health food stores) all has fucking aspartame in it?

Because it's run by an idiot who was elected {TWICE} by a crap-ton of other idiots. That's how.