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Human - Christina Perri ♥

Human by Christina Perri my new favorite song because it's absolutely true because it reminds yourself and others that you are only human and you can only take so much before you break down.

Human - Christina Perri BEST SONG EVAAAA!!!!!!!!! Natalie Creech YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

“Human” by Christina Perri Friends, Family, Strangers have the ability to hurt us every day. After all we're Only Human!

Human by Christina Perri.

Human christina Perri lyrics song favorite song quote music song only human

Your words in my head, knives in my heart. I'm only human.

"Human" by Christina Perri The only song that is able to make me cry

a thousand years,christina perri -love the 5th harmony(x factor usa) cover of this song... #music #lyrics #darling

From all those girls with insecurities and eating disorders, to the social media's "standards" and how crappy and disgusting the standards are. Apart from the first kiss line, this song is pretty accurate for that

Jar of Hearts Christina perri