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Belly Dancing, Arabian or Middle Eastern Inspiration for figure skating dresses Sk8 Gr8 Designs

Mikimoto designs | "Pearl Streams"; an evolution of jewellery, to be worn around the body. Pearl Streams is a stunning piece of jewellery that highlights and adorns all female curves. Classic in design the diamonds add to the beautiful lustre of the numerous Akoya pearls which are carefully graduated to caress the female form.

The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge. -Albert Einstein

gothic tribal bellydance | Tribal Fusion Dark Tribal Goth Belly Dance Halter/Bra by saadja

Immodesty Blaize : Everyone should have an ostrich feather headdress!

I love creating custom bras and tops for any theme or style! These pictures are a few ideas of what I've done in the past. More photos at Custom tops start at $85 and range up to $135, although if you have decor pieces you want me to include that may lower the price. Yes I do large bra sizes, I have experience up to a 46 DDD/EE (about a 3XL or 4XL in clothing sizes). Please allow me at least two weeks plus shipping time to create your piece. If you ne...

Why can't I have a job that I get to dress up in awesome corsets with freaking cool eye make-up! And that hat!!

Now ANYONE Can Learn To Belly Dance Easily From Home!

Normally I am not into pink, but if this Bella costume was still available, I would totally buy it! Gorgeous!