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    Did you know that people eat only 2% of GMO soy? 98% goes to feed animals and cars. It is true. "The GMO industry claims that GMOs are needed to feed the world. Look at any of their websites and you’ll see this claim as a defense of their agricultural methods. But it’s simply not true." -Vandana Shiva Share this post and share the truth! Read more here on GMO Insidee: #GMOs #CAFOS #AnimalFeed

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Dr. Vandana Shiva on the danger of GMOs and Monsanto's killingry (including Round Up, Agent Orange, DDT and Aspartame)

GMO's and Monsanto…I have said many times our government is, upside down, backwards and inside out when it comes to making decisions pertaining to our lives and what we as a "free society" choose to eat and drink.

Character assassination has always been a tool used by those who cannot successfully defend their message. Although they think such slander will destroy my career, they don’t understand that I consciously gave up a ‘career’ in 1982 for a life of service. The spirit of service inspired by the truth, conscience and compassion cannot be stopped by threats or media attacks. For me, science has always been about service, not servitude. —Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva speaks the truth! Contamination of non-GMO crops and a loss of biodiversity have become an epidemic. More Here:

Over 1240 scientist signatories have demanded that a study previously published on the toxic effects of GMO maize and RoundUp that was retracted by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) be reinstated. This is a massive backlash against an industry that has tried to silence well-qualified scientists from publishing the truth about GMOs Read more: #GMOs #GEMaize

Smart Health Talk Warning: Companies Use Monsato Poison/GMOs -Posted earlier how you save 60% at farmers markets or from a CSA. With my CSA farmer share get egg protein (2 do) % fresh organic f/v for two people only $25/week delivered. Add a little organic meat, dairy, beans, rice, legumes and you can make a lot of meals.Avoid processed/Natural. Some organic companies owned by corporation that paid millions to block CA Prop #37 for GMO labeling. Use app "Buycott" for truth on all.

Seek products that are specifically labeled as non-GM or GMO-free. However, it is rare to find products labeled as such. You can also research websites that list companies and foods that do not use genetically modified foods, [6], but be aware that information is often incomplete and conflicting interests may not be declared.

You might ask, why all the fuss about agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? After all, regulatory agencies have approved these technologies for widespread application and consumption, so they must be safe, right? Well, the truth is that there is no agency and no industry that works to protect our health. At best, the EPA, USDA, and FDA attempt to respond to our disease after the cause is widespread.

Go non-GMO! Check out this conventional non-GMO fridge guide from Non-GMO Project

Considering the bromelian found in pineapple is a digestive enzyme (protiolitic enzyme) Feels like Monsanto wants us to be unable to heal ourselves. See a pattern here