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Did you know that people eat only 2% of GMO soy? 98% goes to feed animals and cars. It is true. "The GMO industry claims that GMOs are needed to feed the world. Look at any of their websites and you’ll see this claim as a defense of their agricultural methods. But it’s simply not true." -Vandana Shiva Share this post and share the truth! Read more here on GMO Insidee: #GMOs #CAFOS #AnimalFeed

In order to avoid animal products that have not been influenced by GMO animal feed, consumers have to look for certified organic products since organic standards prohibit the intentional use of GMOs. Tell Starbucks to source only organic cows milk: Learn more about GMOs in animal feed here: #GMOs #RightToKnow #StopMonsanto #CAFOs #FactoryFarms

vandana shiva | Tumblr Organic will feed the world. GMOs will enslave us and poison our world. Tyranny of a food monopoly.

Looking for an alternative to GMO-laden Sabra? Check out Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, Inc. for non-GMO hummus! Did you know Pepsi (which owns Sabra) spent MILLIONS keep GMOs hidden so you wouldn’t suspect GMOs in your snacks? Share this post far and wide and TAKE ACTION: #GMOs #food #righttoknow #LabelGMOs

Did you know? Pigs and cows fed on a diet of GMO corn and GMO soy have suffered digestive and reproductive disorders. More here: