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    Did you know that people eat only 2% of GMO soy? 98% goes to feed animals and cars. It is true. "The GMO industry claims that GMOs are needed to feed the world. Look at any of their websites and you’ll see this claim as a defense of their agricultural methods. But it’s simply not true." -Vandana Shiva Share this post and share the truth! Read more here on GMO Insidee: #GMOs #CAFOS #AnimalFeed

    Go non-GMO!


    In order to avoid animal products that have not been influenced by GMO animal feed, consumers have to look for certified organic products since organic standards prohibit the intentional use of GMOs. Tell Starbucks to source only organic cows milk: Learn more about GMOs in animal feed here: #GMOs #RightToKnow #StopMonsanto #CAFOs #FactoryFarms

    They say: Peru Protects Biodiversity Against GMO Threat by putting a 10 year ban on all GMO's. Look at that, a country that sees through the risk of GMOs. They know risk so high could destroy entire supply of heirloom seed varieties, and cripple their farmers w/GMO label that countries think synonymous w/poison. Countries like MEXICO saying NO GMOs to be imported, grown, or fed to their people. Wish we had a gov't that did that instead of shoving GMOs down our throat in secret, no less.

    Looking for an alternative to GMO-laden Sabra? Check out Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, Inc. for non-GMO hummus! Did you know Pepsi (which owns Sabra) spent MILLIONS keep GMOs hidden so you wouldn’t suspect GMOs in your snacks? Share this post far and wide and TAKE ACTION: #GMOs #food #righttoknow #LabelGMOs

    How to avoid GMO's

    Label GMOs.

    Please share this quote and awareness about GMOs!!

    Did you know? Pigs and cows fed on a diet of GMO corn and GMO soy have suffered digestive and reproductive disorders. More here: www.nationofchang...

    Vandana Shiva on GMO

    GMO's and Monsanto

    Over 1240 scientist signatories have demanded that a study previously published on the toxic effects of GMO maize and RoundUp that was retracted by the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) be reinstated. This is a massive backlash against an industry that has tried to silence well-qualified scientists from publishing the truth about GMOs Read more: #GMOs #GEMaize

    Timeline infographic about Monsanto's toxic history. Eat non-GMO. Non-Monsanto

    Vandana Shiva speaks the truth! Contamination of non-GMO crops and a loss of biodiversity have become an epidemic. More Here:

    Smart Health Talk Warning: Companies Use Monsato Poison/GMOs -Posted earlier how you save 60% at farmers markets or from a CSA. With my CSA farmer share get egg protein (2 do) % fresh organic f/v for two people only $25/week delivered. Add a little organic meat, dairy, beans, rice, legumes and you can make a lot of meals.Avoid processed/Natural. Some organic companies owned by corporation that paid millions to block CA Prop #37 for GMO labeling. Use app "Buycott" for truth on all.

    Say NO to Genetically Modified (GMOrganisms)/Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods. Educate yourself. Support GMO labeling efforts in your state. There are sooo many items with 'modified' or other words as such in the ingredients. Those are key... They won't tell you they are GMO, GE foods!! But our own Ignorance can harm us! #NonGMO #okgethealthy

    Since 1997 Monsanto hasn't lost a single case against a farmer. Keep in mind these farmers all didn't want GMO seeds, didn't want GMO plants and in turn couldn't sell those GMO crops. Farmer Steve Marsh's fight is fighting a recent contamination case against Monsanto. Learn more here: www.dailyfinance.... #iamstevemarsh #contamination #GMOs #StopMonsanto

    BREAKING NEWS: GMO Food Labeling Initiative Approved for Colorado November Ballot! YES WE DID! Yes on 105! Now they need your donations to take on Monsanto and the GMA! Learn more here: Chip in to help defeat Monsanto here: #labelGMOs #righttoknow #GMOs #yeson105 Right To Know Colorado - GMO

    Seek products that are specifically labeled as non-GM or GMO-free. However, it is rare to find products labeled as such. You can also research websites that list companies and foods that do not use genetically modified foods, but be aware that information is often incomplete and conflicting interests may not be declared. #gmo #nongmo #organic #realfood #suja

    More evidence that animals know to avoid GMO's better than humans...I like this lol