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    Studies conducted by Dr. Channa Jayasumana of the Rajarata University show that the chemical Glyphosate found in agrochemicals has an adverse effect on humans when it enters the system. More here: #roundup #contamination #GMOs #StopMonsanto

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      Studies conducted by Dr. Channa Jayasumana of the Rajarata University show that the chemical Glyphosate found in agrochemicals has an adverse effect on humans when it enters the system. More here: #roundup #contamination #GMOs #StopMonsanto

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    Humans are not Roundup Ready. READ: READ: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.... Glyphosate studies: READ & WATCH:

    Have you ever wondered how GMO corn is made? Roundup Ready Corn is genetically engineered corn that has had its DNA modified to withstand the herbicide glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup). It is also known as "glyphosate tolerant corn." RR corn was first deregulated in the U.S. in 1997 and first commercialized in the U.S. in 1998. Read the study here: #GMOs #RightToKnow #GECorn #Maize

    A long-term, peer-reviewed study conducted by a group of scientists led by Dr Judy Carman of the Institute of Health and Environmental Research in Australia has been released – and it proves that GMO are anything but ‘safe.’ More here: www.nationofchang... #GMOs #Pigs #AnimalFeed #Cows #Feed #Fact

    Monsanto ENGINEERS GMOs to be used with (and sell more) glyphosate containing Roundup pesticide. The EPA INCREASED the amount of glyphosate allowed to remain in GMO foods! The quotation is from: The authors of the study describe a pathway through which they argue glyphosate could theoretically cause obesity. Interestingly, a real world Norwegian study found this GMO food-obesity link: www.dietsinreview...

    New study links Monsanto’s Roundup to autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s..are you really that surprised? ►

    No More RoundUp Ready GMO Crops! Tell the USDA: No More Crops Engineered for Monsanto's Toxic agrochemicals! www.organicconsum...

    Truth be told... They are only liable for the first 3 months after ingestion of GMOs - NO long-term studies conducted at all !!

    Monitoring genetically modified soybean along the industrial soybean oil extraction and refining processes by polymerase chain reaction techniques -- 2010 study showing there's detectable GM DNA in refined soy oil. More here: #GMOs #DNA #soy

    Monsanto's RoundUp=scary!

    GMO French Study Results on Smart Health talk. Last Sept 2012 one of the most significant studies ever done on GMOs was release in France. Monsanto only allows their own scientists to study their GMOs so no one can find out just how bad they are. Group of scientists went underground for two years and set up well designed study on Round Up Ready pesticide/GMO corn. Monsanto studies in past only lasted three months with small sample sizes. First time anyone demonstrated long term exposure.

    Remember the Seralini study? Rats fed GMOs, Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn, developed tumors. Some died. The study was published in the journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology. Pictures published. A wave of biotech-industry criticism ensued. Pressure built... The journal retracted the study. Why? Unethical? Plagiarized? Dishonest? No, he used rats which (supposedly) had an inherent tendency to develop tumors (the Sprague-Dawley strain), and used too few. Smell a rat?

    a groundbreaking new study released this week reveals that genetic engineering significantly disrupts basic cellular functions in GMO plants at an alarming level. In the first of its kind systems biology approach, scientists at the International Center for Integrative Systems analyzed more than 6,497 lab experiments to discover an alarming accumulation of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and a dramatic depletion of glutathione, a key antioxidant necessary for proper detoxification of cells and

    GMOs: Shocking Results from what the REAL Studies Showed

    Residue can be on outside, but pesticides get in & stay in plant cells when absorbed through leaves. Get right to work destroying DNA/disrupting hormones, neurotoxin. Roots bring pesticides into plants through contaminated soil and water. Canadian Study, University of Sherbrooke, 2011 results showed 96% of unborn babies to have Bt Toxins in their blood. Pesticides #1 reason for birth defects/lower IQ. #GMO #pesticides #food

    GM SOY & CORN: (NaturalNews) If you have stomach problems or gastrointestinal problems, a new study led by Dr. Judy Carman may help explain why: pigs fed a diet of genetically engineered soy and corn showed a 267% increase in severe stomach inflammation compared to those fed non-GMO diets. In males, the difference was even more pronounced: a 400% increase. (For the record, most autistic children are males, and nearly all of them have severe intestinal inflammation.) [...] 06/12

    For people who pay attention to the GMO issue, they are torn between claims by scientists showing the dangers, and claims made by industry-supported ‘scientific’ studies which show GMOs cause little to no harm. The problem is that most of the American population doesn’t really know what GMOs are, so when biotech spends millions of dollars tapping the market, it generally becomes an overriding success.

    Chemical Deception: Multiple Forms of Hormone-Disrupting Bisphenol Found In US Food Supply

    The linked study found that "a subset of persistent environmental chemicals were associated with reduced fecundity." The pollutants linked to reduced fertility include some PCBs. PCBs, which are hard to escape, were brought to us courtesy of #Monsanto (the company now spending enormous amounts of money trying to "influence" governments so its GMOs will not have to be thoroughly, independently, long-term safety-tested before introduction).

    This is beyond disturbing. GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow tumors, 70% of females die early

    Ground Breaking Study Could Lead to the End of GMO and Chemically Based Agriculture