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This Don Huber quotation is from the video “Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Huber about GMOs.”

Wow! What's really in those Doritos. #GMOS #MSG

vegan: the greatness in humanity is not being human but being humane.

This links to the Institute for Science in Society report: "Glyphosate/Roundup & Human Male Infertility."

Six easy steps to avoid common genetically modified foods! #GMOs

No More RoundUp Ready GMO Crops! Tell the USDA: No More Crops Engineered for Monsanto's Toxic agrochemicals! www.organicconsum...

  • Leah Cochran

    The whole world has gone crazy!!

  • ۞ Chuck Meyer ₢M

    All based on this selfish, greedy republican notion that corporations can do no wrong. Got to vote those guys OUT !!!

  • Leah Cochran

    Have you researched it to see who was paid off to pass the Monsanto bill?

  • ۞ Chuck Meyer ₢M

    The GOP slipped the "Monsanto Protection Act" into a bill, at the last minute, that was designed to avoid a government shutdown. And remember that a former Monsanto VP runs the FDA and the Supreme court judge, Clarence Thomas, was a former Monsanto attorney. So, you see, previous republican administrations set all this corruption up.

  • Leah Cochran

    Thank you.

Take action with us in support of Oregon Right To Know oregonrighttoknow... #Oregon #righttoknow #labelGMOs #GMOs

GMO French Study Results on Smart Health talk. Last Sept 2012 one of the most significant studies ever done on GMOs was release in France. Monsanto only allows their own scientists to study their GMOs so no one can find out just how bad they are. Group of scientists went underground for two years and set up well designed study on Round Up Ready pesticide/GMO corn. Monsanto studies in past only lasted three months with small sample sizes. First time anyone demonstrated long term exposure.

  • Sooze

    How can anyone do such cruel things to such innocent little creatures!!!

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): What, why and the risks! This infographic covers helpful information on GMOs and how your food is being labeled.