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Bumble Bee tuna apparently think they don't have to label their GMOs and paid the opposition to win.

GMOs Kill Bees: March Against Monsanto's photo. || GMOs are dangerous because of their reliance on chemicals such as RoundUp, not because they're genetically altered.

The Blender Girl - 9 SUPERFOODS TO ADD TO YOUR SMOOTHIES. Vegans don't use Bee Pollen. But people eating a high raw diet and others love it for the incredible health benefits and flavor

Health Effects of GMOs and Meeting Jeffrey Smith | Family Gone Healthy #GMO #food #organic

Reconsidwe - Anti GMO Foods and Fluoride Water

Pros and Cons - Boycott These Non-Caring Companies, They Let Us Know How Much They Care About America Now Let's Show THEM!! BOYCOTT NOW!!! Why Do We Get The POISON?!! All The Other Country's Have Labels &/Or Have Removed It Completely But NOT FOR THE USA?? .. "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO - BUY ORGANIC!! GMO IN THE USA=NO LABELS!!... MAKE YOUR FAMILY STERILE IN 3 GENERATIONS! EAT GMO FOODS!!! BOYCOTT GMO FOODS!!

You'll want to know these food frauds! Repin and share with your friends! Very very similar to my take on nutrition

Pesky weeds popping up in your yard? Here’s what to not reach for—Roundup. See more: www.cornucopia.or...

In case you missed it: The Grocery Manufacturers Association is calling in friends to help in its push for a federal GMO labeling law to preempt state requirements. A lot of friends. More here: www.cornucopia.or...