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Allergies among children are becoming an epidemic. Since the mid 1990s allergies among children are up over 400%. Join us in petitioning the top three infant formula companies to remove GMOs from their infant formulas here:

Our babies deserve better than GMOs! Send an email to Similac, Enfamil and Good Start asking them to remove GMO ingredients from their infant formulas: For non-GMO infant formula alternatives and resources please go here: #GMOs #LabelGMOs #NonGMO

We've heard your demands GMO Insiders! It is time to get the GMOs out of infant formula! For the many mothers who must use infant formula, or choose to use formula, non-GMO options are limited. 90% of all US formula sales come from just three companies-- Similac, Enfamil, and Gerber. These three companies have been actively fighting against GMO labeling in the US. Take action: #GMOs #LabelGMOs #MomApproved

Ancestral Nutritionfrom Ancestral Nutrition

Top 10 GM Foods

Do You Know What The Top Ten GMOs Are?

GMO Inside asked Dr. Michelle Perro – a California based pediatrician - to break down for us why GMO ingredients are particularly risky for babies. Read more here: Recommended non-GMO alternatives for infant feeding and resources: Sign our petition to Similac, Good Start and Enfamil:

Surviving The Stores™from Surviving The Stores™

5 Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Top 5 Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

Butter Nutritionfrom Butter Nutrition

Why your grandparents didn't have food allergies...but you do

Did your grandparents have food allergies? Mine sure didn't. A stark comparison to the growing epidemic of food allergies, worsening with every generation.

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5 Effective Home Remedies To Remove Warts In Children

5 Effective Home Remedies To Remove Warts In Children

Women's Healthfrom Women's Health

Frankenfish and the World of Genetically Modified Food

Frankenfish and GMOs

The Real Food Guidefrom The Real Food Guide

Food intolerance symptoms

Food intolerance and food allergy symptoms

Living Awareness Institutefrom Living Awareness Institute

10 Tips for Reducing Spring Allergies

Turmeric honey tea to help with those pesky allergies. Using turmeric is one of the tips listed to help you suffer less with allergies

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Raw Goat's Milk Formula

Breastfeeding Is Best…But What If You Can’t? A raw goat's milk formula that reversed my son's allergies and reflux -

Kula Mamafrom Kula Mama

Eczema, Ear Infections, Congestion and MORE: Food Sensitivities Uncovered.

Eczema, Ear Infections, Congestion and MORE: Food Allergies and Sensitivities Uncovered. - Kula Mama