Starbucks is unarguably one of the most popular coffeehouse chains in the world. Shouldn't Starbucks be serving the very best product then? At the very least using organic milk to make their lattes! Looking at a competitor we've found that organic milk is being served and the price is lower NOT higher for an organic latte. Learn more: and take action: #GMOs #nonGMO #GMODairy

Tell us about your favorite coffee houses that serve organic milk in the comment section below! Consumers are becoming more aware of the high GMO usage at Starbucks and replacing Starbucks with organic alternatives. Tell Starbucks to serve only organic milk. #GMODairy #StopMonsanto

On October 5th our social media blitz will call on Starbucks to serve organic milk via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stand with us and ask Starbucks for #OrganicMilkNext! More information here: #GMOs #GMODairy #organic #goorganic #cleaneats #WTStarbucks

On October 5th our social media blitz will call on Starbucks to serve organic milk via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Stand with us and ask Starbucks for #OrganicMilkNext! More information here: #GMOs #GMODairy #organic #goorganic #cleaneats #WTStarbucks

MarketWatch on Starbucks serving organic milk! If Starbucks phases in organic milk and creates a market for it over time, it can move to organic milk without creating price increases for consumers or creating shortages in the organic milk market. In fact, Starbucks’ growing demand would lower prices overall in the next few years. A competitor, Pret A Manager is currently serving organic milk (and organic coffee) at a lower cost than Starbucks. More here:

Thanks Moms Across America for standing with us in asking Starbucks to serve #organicmilknext! Join us in sharing your photo with a poster here:

Raise your voice against dairy cows being fed GMOs and Starbucks serving you “Monsanto milk” #GMODairy #WTStarbucks #StopMonsanto

Milk from cows that eat GMOs is “Monsanto milk.” GMOs have not been proven safe for human consumption yet many companies like Starbucks continue to use GMO-fed dairy milk. Tell Starbucks you’re not a lab rat in three easy steps: 1. Sign our petition: 2. Post on their Facebook 3. Call up customer service 1-800-782-7282 #GMODairy #StopMonsanto

latte-art: Handsome Coffee Roasters (by Jesse Carmody)

Tell Starbucks to Support Organics and Stop Fighting GMO Labeling! Right now, Starbucks is serving milk to millions of customers every day from factory farms along with baked good products chock full of GMOs. Take action:

Made these this morning! They are a whole lot yummier than Starbucks and can be made with Stevia and skim milk with fewer calories!

Starbucks Cows living in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are fed a grain diet comprised almost entirely of GMO corn, soy, alfalfa, & cottonseed. Starbucks needs to serve organic milk. Even if u don't care about animals ur eating them either way abused stressed & murdered mammals.

Salted Caramel Latte

National call in day!! Call Starbucks and ask the company to be a leader in its industry by providing organic dairy milk, sourced from cows not fed GMOs. Call 800-782-7282 and share your concerns. Once you've called in please let us know what the representative said on your call. Learn more about our call in day of action here: #GMOs #starbucks #organic #GMOdairy #GMOmilk

You’ll Never Guess What’s In A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (Hint: You Won’t Be Happy) on


If coffee always looked this pretty and tasted delicious on top of that, we'd be in heaven! #Coffee #FoamArt #Latte #MrCoffee

iced coffee

How to make a milk foam coffee heart...- tutorial

And, I thought this would tell me why I shouldn't drink coffee! This Is Your Body On Coffee (Infographic)

GMOs in your Budweiser Beer? Join us in supporting our coalition partner Food Babe in demanding transparency and putting an end to the #mysterybeer. As she states: "Our movement is about educating the masses about what’s really in our food and drink, so we can all make better choices – which in turn support the companies that are building a better food system." Please join and sign the petition here: #Beer #fathersday #righttoknow #NoGMOs #babebeer