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    There are foods in the supermarket, created by corporations who think they know better than Mother Nature. In fact, 80% of the processed foods in the United States contain these genetically modified organisms, called GMO’s for short. Read more: www.onegreenplane... #GMOs #GEFoods #GMFoods #Food #List #Corn #Soy #Canola #GeneticModification

    Take action against the approval of genetically engineered (GE) corn and soybeans resistant to broadleaf herbicides, particularly the herbicide 2,4–D. Join us in taking action: www.cornucopia.or... #GMOs #GEfood #corn #Soy


    Just say NO to GMO!




    GMO Food List to Avoid (Monsanto Companies) & The Dangers of GMO Food I'm horrified to find several of the brands I buy are on this list! But I won't be buying them anymore....


    Non Gmo, Delicious Halos

    GMO Food

    GMO Sweet Corn

    What you need to know about GMOs and how to avoid them.

    Say NO to GMO!

    WHO NEEDS MONSANTO???? BREAKING NEWS: University of Illinois corn trial results find non-GMO hybrids are competitive or outperform nationally known GMO corn. Non-GMO corn produced 3-10 more bushels per acre. No technology fees. No patents. No seed contracts with the devil. GMO Free USA! READ: www.digitaljourna...

    Between GMO high-fructose corn syrup, and GMO sugar beets, and aspartame made from GMO bacteria; most processed sugary junk food in the U.S. these days is ridden with GMOs. Interesting how added sugars in processed foods are being linked to so many health problems these days, isn't it?

    Today GMOs make up more than 90% of the corn, soybean, cotton, sugar beet and canola grown in the U.S, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents big food companies, estimates GMOs are in about 80% of packaged foods. Here are a few things worth knowing about GMOs: #food #GMOs #labelGMOs #righttoknow The Wall Street Journal GMO Inside

    This is what we believe; no hormones, no GMO (which is what most all corn is).

    GMO-Free Brands

    Did you know? Pigs and cows fed on a diet of GMO corn and GMO soy have suffered digestive and reproductive disorders. More Here: www.nationofchang...

    Did you know that sunflowers haven't been able to be genetically engineered? Sunflower oil along with coconut oil are great alternatives to using GMO soy, canola, corn or vegetable oil. organicconnectmag...