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Explore Stretch Goal, Traditional Chinese, and more!

Let's unlock this stretch goal and add traditional Chinese support to Ninchanese!

Hurray! Ninchanese has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter! So thankful! Next step: stretch goals!

Added a social stretch goal to Ninchanese! Head over to, like and share the pinned post to unlock a new mini-game in Ninchanese!

In Ninchanese, you play Lupishu, an adorable young dragon. As you progress in #Chinese, you'll see your #character evolve; just like in a #game. Where you learn Chinese =^_^=

Baimei has a great ear for #Chinese, she'll make you work on your pronunciation in Chinese so you can go to China and know people will understand you!

Ninchanese, our fun Chinese learning application is now on #Kickstarter. Check it out:

Nincha, the charming #cat you see here is in charge of helping you with #Chinese #character recognition on Ninchanese

Master Yocha has all sorts of missions and quests for you to go on so you can learn Chinese.... and do things for him. Sneaky Yocha ^^

In Ninchanese, our #happy family of #cute #cats, the #Ninchas will show you all the ropes of Chinese

Learn how to really speak #Chinese with Baimei aided by our excellent voice recognition system. Now on Kickstarter! #language #learning #cats #cute #illustration #chinese