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Women Fight Back Against Witch-Branding in Rajasthan. Read more about how Shanta Devi was branded a witch nearly a decade ago, after her family was plagued by long bouts of fever and breathing problems.

From page to screen to college campuses across the country, the team behind the “Half the Sky” movement is further broadcasting its call to action through the Campus Ambassador Program, aimed at raising awareness of international women’s issues among young people.

Why does @nickkristof so frequently travel to places like Sudan and Myanmar, when Americans have so many challenges at home? “Compassion shouldn’t depend, one way or the other, on the color of one’s skin — or passport,” he writes. His latest New York Times column looks at two 20-year-old women — Nicole Sganga, a Notre Dame student who grew up on Long Island, N.Y., and Sajan, who lives in a rural village in Myanmar and was married at age 13 for the bride price of one cow.

Fourteen years have passed since the Rwanda National Police (RNP) force embarked on a mission to empower women within the force and protect the rights of women in general. Women now make up twenty percent of the force. Female officers have the opportunity to operate in areas where they have families and also gain new skills through its annual female convention. RNP has established the Isange One Stop Centre which provides free medical, social and legal services to victims of sexual violence.