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Gray Wolf (canis lupus) delisted April*15*2011. I AM PRO*WOLF <3 I've signed my name on every pro wolf petition and mission continued on. I support the cause on endangered Americam Wolves from extinction.. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

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What's Your Spirit Animal?

I sit in the snow glaring at my opponent as were staring at each other fierce.When the clock struck twilight its began MEOW! BARK! WHIMPER! THUD! My opponent is down to the ground.-bows- (The test of your animal doesn't work!!!!)

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25 Animals That Had The Cutest Parenting Moments Ever

This stunning capture of a wolf in Wyoming, USA was captured and posted to Reddit by photographer Carollyn Churchill. In the animal kingdom, lone wolves are typically older wolves driven from the pack, perhaps by an alpha male, or young adults in search of new territory. Rather than openly challenge the dominance of the pack leaders, many young wolves between the ages of 1 and 4 years leave their family to search for a pack of their own.