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The supposed bad news was that all the good sources of protein are animal and not plant based. We now know the good news to be that there are plenty of excellent plant based sources of protein avai.

This is my boyfriend...he thinks mushrooms on pizza are his daily serving of vegetables...ugh

This is my boyfriend.he thinks mushrooms on pizza are his daily serving of vegetables.

It's meat eaters and vegetarians who believe that they're better than non human persons, that they're supposedly smarter and stronger and "at the top of the food chain;" that they have the right to impose slavery, abuse, suffering, cruelty and death unto others.

I don't choose a cruelty free vegan lifestyle because I believe that I'm better than meat-eaters. I choose it because I believe that no one is more important than anyone else. Help end speciesism.

I'm not vegan, but I need more protein

Protein sources for everyone, not just vegans. (Stop saying meat is the only source of protein, haters!