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Hetalia Seiyuu x hetalia country

Hetalia x Seiyuu. Characters with their Japanese Voice Actors. The voice actors are (Left to right) : Hiroki Yasumoto, Yuki Kai, Katsuyuki Konishi, Daisuke Namikawa, Hiroki Takahashi, Masaya Onosaka, Noriaki Sugiyama and Yasuhiro Takayo.

Yup<-------- When you know what Poland's human name is, it makes even more sense XD didn't know what board to pin this on XD

Dawn will come, fogs will drop in treacherously sold country. But somewhere on wind to air will fly up a bird called eagle

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Football's Funniest Memes

Day 4(character you'd go shopping with): Like, totally Poland! Such good taste in fashion!

If it starts with OMG and has the next word is like....your most likely gonna read it in an annoying girls voice

XD *dying* (The funny thing is, Prussia's older than Austria but acts like he's young, while Austria acts old. It's AAAAAALLLL about image)

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Jasna Gora Monastery - Czestochowa, Poland



Hetalia where it shouldn't be<<<Hetalia where it SHOULD be<<People... Please... IM ZE AWESOME ONE

Royal Wawel Cathedral, Krakow, Poland - Kraków’s Royal Wawel Castle and Cathedral is illuminated behind a World War II memorial by sculptor Bronisław Chromy. Perched on Wawel Hill, the 14th-century cathedral houses 18 chapels, as well as tombs, artifacts, and a library. (National Geographic)

I Capture The Magical World Of Snails In Poland..The hardest part is getting the snail to cooperate. I like to photograph in the evenings as the light gives warm atmosphere. I use manual lens at F1.8 aperture so it is sometimes difficult to focus on the snail and many shots cannot be used. It usually takes me about 1 hour to get the image I want.