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#8. Create a masterpiece simply by stacking pots. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks

nice website of mini tutorials

#7. Use bubble wrap for floating flowers. -- 13 Clever Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks


10 Gorgeous Plants that LOVE Shade

how to: toilet....WOW! This a great site lots of cute mini tutorials glad I came across this.

For big dogs - place a water bowl in a flower pot to cut down on the water puddles. Brilliant!

DIY dollhouse armoire tutorial

7 Office Plants You Won’t Kill | Fill your workspace with some greenery—it might make your workday better. Christopher Satch, The Sill’s in-house plant expert, shares the best office plants that can withstand limited sunlight, freezing temps (thanks to that overzealous office AC), and little water.

miniature tutorial-she uses tongue depressers for her wood. Thrifty.

Become a proud #plantparent.

Paper Succulent Tutorial

For a simple potted indoor plant refresh, add in an assortment of colorful cacti, like the ruby ball cactus.

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a pink way to pretty up succulent plants! #healthy air IDA interior lifestyle: Plants, plants, plants

Little things: Tutorials

So useful right now: a visual guide to houseplants, according to their need for light.

Torneiras com anzóis de brinco

Miniature Hydrangeas tutorial