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    Etsy is home to all things handmade, extending even into the garden. DIY kits, seeds and starter plants and a range of ready-made options can be found under the plants and edibles section. Check below the jump for a few standout selections.

    Absolutamente original!

    • Minnie and Moon

      Sea urchins are so beautiful and I've collected so many - here's a fun way to display them! mixed trio // air plant urchins // by by peacocktaco on Etsy

    • Cookie S

      mixed trio // air plant urchins by peacocktaco on Etsy, $32.00 I want these!! Plant, Flower, Succulent

    • Jacqui Smith

      A trio of air plants are nested inside sea urchins for a tiny garden with a seaside vibe. Airplant Urchins, $30 via Peacocktaco

    • Neha

      mixed trio // air plant urchins by peacocktaco on Etsy. I remember having one of these!

    • Carly Drake

      Succulents in sea urchins! Such a great idea! Too bad I'm moving away from the ocean...

    • Jaybird

      mixed trio // air plant sea urchins // luv the idea of growing them in shells

    • V V

      Sea urchins and succulents garden idea. Florida. Beachy coastal garden decor

    • Jessica

      great idea, too bad i killed my airplants // air plant sea urchins

    • Stephanie Sanchez

      Sea urchin planters for succulents

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    So funny!! Its just air plants, sea shells, fishing line, and a piece of wood!!!!!!!! If somebody made this for me, I think I would love them forever.

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