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Designer Erik Olovsson of Studio E.O juxtaposes smooth, rounded vessels of hand-blown glass against clear-cut geometric slabs of patterned stone.

How to Gain More Weight Trying on bathing suits was as mortifying for women 60 years ago as it is today but for some skinny mi-century girls it was for a very different reason #Vintage ads #dieting #swimsuits #1950s #illustration #humor

Prozac - Appeals to the depressed making it seem like popping these pills will make it a lot easier to cope with their depression and that your life's suddenly a lot better. Sooner or later they get addicted and it stops even working as a placebo.

Identity Design/ 2015Illustrated Identity and posters developed for the mexican food place Orale Manito. To make it happen we design illustrations full of color, a lot of humor and a huge dose of mexican iconic stuff. Enjoy it Cabrones!