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    Pregnant pygmy Seahorse, by Mike Veitch

    • Marge McCown

      Lets finish with two photos of seahorses.  The top image (©Lazaro Ruda, via animals, animals, animals) shows a male seahorse giving birth. In sea horses, the male become pregnant.  Their mating involves the female inserting her oviduct into the male’s brooding pouch.  She does this several times for short intervals to avoid exhaustion... The eggs are fertilized and hatch in the male’s pouch.

    • Denise A.

      Pregnant pygmy seahorse, Indonesia - ©Mike Veitch -

    • Top Pinterest Animals

      Pregnant Pygmy Seahorse #seacreatures #creaturesofthesea #sealife #oceancreatures #oceanlife

    • Donna Sullivan

      Pregnant Pygmy Seahorse. Pygmy Seahorses are still part of the genus Hippocampus which all seahorses belong. However, they are distinctively different than their larger cousins. Pygmy Seahorses rarely grow over 1 inch in size. Most of these tiny fish form close relationships with a host plant or animal, including gorgonians, colonial hydrazoans, and algae. Most species have only been discovered in the past 10 years, and it is believed there are many more not yet described.

    • Grace Howrya

      Pregnant pygmy seahorse at Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia.

    • Shawn S.

      3) funkiest sea creature =Pregnant Pygmy Seahorse

    • Susan Klomp

      Strange Sea Life. Pregnant Pygmy Seahorse

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