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  • Carly Nihan

    Robert Downy Jr. AKA: IRON MAN!!!

  • J S

    Another Marvel goodie: Robert Downey Jr, also known as Ironman in the Avenger films. This man is the next Sean Connery, I'm calling it now. He's still going to be easy on the eyes come his 70th birthday.

  • Michell Contreras

    F**king Robert Downey Jr. Not a proper quote but still inspirational.

  • Nuke The Fridge

    Robert Downey, Jr. Will Return as Iron Man in “Avengers 2 and 3″

  • Chel Bautista

    Pin #ironman #RobertDowneyJr #actor #cigar

  • Kristen Elizabeth

    robert downey junior.

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Aging like a boss…seriously how can one person change this much?! For the better?!?!?

“This is probably going to get quoted in every publication just because I said it. And I’m not even saying anything. I’m not talking about films, life, or the world. Yet, the media will print this simply because I said it. And at this moment in time, I'll bet there is an artist around the corner of his hotel, on the street, with a mind far beyond ours, but we will never listen to him simply because he has not appeared in a movie. And THAT is what is f#$*d up about our culture.” -- R. D. Jr.

۞ 'When you have a good script you're almost in more trouble than when you have a terrible script.' ― Robert Downey, Jr.

Young(er) Robert Downey Jr. He looks like Al Pacino in "The Godfather"... uncanny resemblance!

I'll admit it, I have a thing for robert downy jr.

Robert Downey Jr Only you could take a photo with gum in your mouth! ♥ Iron Man

Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway" ahh he's so gorgeous:)