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Fourteen years after Wild Bill Hickok’s death, in 1900, an aging Calamity Jane arranged to be photographed next to his overgrown burial site. Elderly, thin and poor, her clothes were ragged and held together with safety pins. Holding a flower in her hand, she said that when she died she wanted to be buried next to the man she loved. Three years later, she was.

The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century

Golda Meir - Became Prime Minister of Israel in 1969, at age 71. “Whether women are better than men I cannot say - but I can say they are certainly no worse.”

Marlene Dietrich, "a German who had renounced her country following the rise of the Nazis and rejected Hitler's request that she return--became an ardent and fearless supporter of the Allied Forces, performing hundreds of times for the troops as near the war zone as she could get." " When asked why she had traveled to war zones to entertain and comfort Allied troops, she famously and simply replied, "aus Anstand." "It was the decent thing to do.""

This Anxiety-Fighting Oil Primes Your Brain to Better Deal with Stress

Vetiver oil history & uses infographic

1000s BC: Queen Gwendolen, a legendary ruler of Britain, She was the wife of King Locrinus of the Britons until she defeated him in battle and took on the leadership of Britain herself. Her husband Locrinus was in love with Estrildis, the daughter of the king of Germany whom he rescued from Humber the Hun. Locrinus left Gwendolen and married Estrildis. Gwendolen fled to Cornwall and built up an army. She met Locrinus in battle and defeated him. Gwendolen took the throne.

Danish author of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen was born April 2, 1805 (d. 1875). He doesn't look anything at all like Danny Kaye!

6 'Secret' Google Search Tricks for Genealogy That'll Help You Find Your Ancestors

6 'Secret' Google Search Tricks for Genealogy That'll Help You Find Your Ancestors | Family History Daily