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    Awesome! (keep a bag of chalk in your car for instances with douche bags like this)


    This scared me so bad. You have to open it in your browser to see it

    43 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist. Accordingly, it's 10x better then people of walmart

    Day 21, they haven't noticed. bahahaaha



    Apparently, he really wanted that spot. (lol)

    What a good person!

    This guy's father/daughter pictures are the funniest thing ever... check out the gallery. I have seriously been looking for 20 minutes. These are hilarious.

    Gotta love Family Feud! Best one EVER!!!!

    25 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Ever

    "Stop touching me!" "I'm not touching you...see my shirt is touching you." "MUUUMMM! Make him stop!" Ha made me giggle..

    I'm so doing this!

    25 Windshield Notes.


    I need to keep some chalk in my car!

    things to say to Siri. Just did this entire list. LOL

    OMG this site is the best! They sell fake gift boxes for ridiculous products from clueless companies. "Just pack your real gift inside, sit back and revel in your gift recipient's half-hearted enthusiasm."

    HAHA - best DJ ever