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Ugh! I hate having long hair. I'd love to have a supercute short haircut, but I'm not allowed to. I ran away and now live in an orphanage. I can't afford to cut my hair! I'm 16 and am relatively nice. Please adopt me, I'll be a great kid!

Name: Kayla age: 12 Description: Kayla is 12. Yes, I know. Kayla does have kinda a goth look. But it's just way she looks. She has a totally different personality!!!!! She loves animals, friends, family, shopping, everything that an everyday girl does!!!! She lives life with her pet chameleon, Rainbows. She doesn't believe in war between America and America. PLEASE ADOPT KAYLA!

Name: Gwen Age: 15 Gender: Female Description: Tomboy, Likes Punk Music, Stays Quiet, Grade C/D Student, Her Parents Rejected Her, PLEASE ADOPT! Adopted By: No One Yet.

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