The Baby shower vagina cake I made for my best friend! so funny yet so disturbing♥♥

Whoever designed these baby shower wedding cakes need to be STOPPED and fast!

Dear God lol

This wonderful cake! | 37 Of The Most Unsettling Things You Will Ever Likely See

Young, Professional and Bored: Another CLASSY Baby Shower Cake

Funny Baby Shower Cake - what would you think of this for your cake? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... Have you seen this ???????????

38 Baby Shower Cakes Made Of Nightmares...........OMGGGG some of these seriously made my stomach churn a little

Your first mistake, my dear Wreckies, was in being so positive and supportive of yesterday's post ...

Baby Shower Cake May Be The Only Thing More Terrifying Than Having A Baby | Happy Place--this is the most amazing cake I have ever seen!!!

I would seriously love these....creepy kinda but still they're Cabbage Patches made of chocolate!

Dear God... I *never* want to have a cake that looks like this. Not for Mother's Day or any other occasion. O.o

The First Censored Cake Wreck. I can't get enough of these.

Cake Wrecks – funny and slightly inappropriate baby shower cakes. What were they thinking?!

Hello Kitty wedding flowers

Awkward Pregnancy Photos - Bride with a Bump Sadly, her pregnant-bride-of-Frankenstein outfit wasn't the Etsy hit she'd hoped it would be.

Deliciously Awkward Baby Shower Cakes

I get the sentiment, but this is so wrong on so many levels... Maybe pink just wasn't the right color for this cake

Like the idea and I think it's simple enough. Just change the blue to silver though

Yes, this is a professionally made cake - oh dear god........


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