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  • Chris Humphrey

    10 Vagina Cakes For Baby Showers That Are Disturbing And Awesome. Oh dear god, these are bizarre.

  • A S

    30 Baby Shower Cakes To Remind You That Childbirth Is Actually Horrifying - not doing this, but it's funny

  • Janelle Marie

    world's worst baby shower cake | Fancy a slice of VAGINA cake? No, us neither!

  • Edith Hoag-Godsey

    Can I still have a vagina cake if I have an adoption shower???

  • Russ M

    The ultimate baby shower cake (for Halloween baby showers maybe?)

  • Chelsea D

    Making this cake for your future baby shower

  • Xeoni Storey

    Baby Shower Ideas? #TerrifyingMuch?

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Now that I have actually tried Nikole's sponge cake recipe, I admire her talents even more! Herriott Grace

Baumkuchen is a kind of layered cake , the characteristic rings that appear when sliced resemble tree rings

#KatieSheaDesign ♡❤ A bunny cake for the expecting or for Easter??

omg i have a book full of these inventions that have never existed and apparently never will. its called "the big bento box of unuseless japanese inventions"

I seriously died both from cute overload and how awesome tumblr constantly is.

Cake {White & Aqua: for Sony Vaio E Series notebooks : } #sonyvaio

This is nicely done and simple yet stunning to the eye. I'm having my sister make me a chocolate cake like this for my birthday! yum.