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Melissa and Jeanne put a couple of snack foods for the health conscious to the test. Check out what they think of Element rice cakes and Surf Sweets gummies.

How to Sew a Rolled Hem

A rolled hem is a very small hem made up of two folds. It can be really tricky to sew since each fold is teeny tiny. Many sewing machines have a rolled hem foot that curves and folds the fabric as you sew, but I find that way of sewing it to be very fussy and difficult to control. This is my personal preferred method for a rolled hem and I find it works perfectly every time.

Secondhand smoke: Exposure to secondhand smoke linked to psychological problems in children and teens

Children and teens exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to develop symptoms for a variety of mental health problems, including major depressive disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and others, according to a study published in Tuesday’s edition of the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 4/5/2011

Why there’s no homework in Finland…

Why there’s no homework in Finland…

Finnish education:: High achievement, high graduation rates, highest literacy rate in the world. Made possibly by:: Minimal standardized testing, Small teacher/student ratio, Integrated classrooms, emphasis on physical activity, and respected educators.

JLA Pays Your Way to RT Las Vegas! If you've ever wanted to attend the amazing event that is the RT Booklover's Convention which will be in Las Vegas in 2016 AND you like to write then you'll want to know about this amazing contest. The ever-generous JLA is hosting her 3rd annual "Write Your Way to RT" contest. What exactly is this contest? Well it's basically a chance to put your writing chops to the test. To enter this contest you can fan fic one of the authors books below to enter or…

Chicken breasts are slow cooked in the best Korean BBQ Sauce ever, shredded & added to tacos with homemade sweet & spicy Asian Slaw for total taco deliciousness with less than 30 minutes of prep!

The Disney Babies Blog - Great tips for having young children/babies at Disney World. Places that would appeal to them and things they might enjoy - Great for research for Caleb.