• Creating a Life Inspired

    Toby Allen | "Schizophrenia" - The Real Monsters are reborn! "Disclaimer: The artwork is not at all intended to make light of these conditions but instead is intended to give these intangible mental illnesses some substance and make them appear more managable as physical entities".

  • Maryann Temperino

    What if psychological illness was introduced on by supernatural creatures that roam the world taunting their victims? Illustrator Toby Allen’s new assortment of drawings, known as The Real ...

  • Matt Kaiser

    toby allen psychiatric monsters | ... to raise awareness by depicting mental health illnesses as monsters

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Ceramics by Matthew D. Ward

Marwane Pallas

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Azevedo's- Art installation with hundreds of little frozen men, left out to melt in the heat of the sun

The Kiss of Death in Barcelona’s Poblenou Cemetery. 1930. White marble. Attributed to Jaume Barba, but possibly created by Joan Fontbernat.

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The Gold Choker, 64 x 21 inches, Oil and gold and silver on linen, Private collection

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"Classic Bubble Gum" original portrait photograph by artist Romina Ressia available at Saatchi Art. #SaatchiArt

These creative fleshy intestine tents are made by Swiss artist Andra Hasler and are on display at the Corn Exchange Newbury New Greenham Arts in Berkshire. The work is supposed to creatively explore the ‘consequences of a nuclear explosion, while retaining the notion of container, nurturing the concerns of the peace camps.

Cao Hui Gutsy sculpture, Resin sculpture with human/animal innards oozing out at seams

Ring - Portrait of a Right Eye, Watercolor on ivory, English, c. 1800

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Paintings with still-life objects by Arnout van Albada, olieverf op paneel.

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Charley Harper and the Raccoons | The way Harper turns everyday objects into abstract art using simple shapes amazes me..

Huge Charley Harper cardinal

Charles Fréger; from Wilder Mann, 2010-2011.

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