Omg my god. The thought of these makes me wanna cry. They are so awesome!! And They have them no place anymore...

90s Food We Love: 90s Snacks, Snack Foods, Candy |

Jello Pudding Pops

How Many '90s Foods Have You Tried



You're awesome of you know what this is from!

password journal!

The 50 Greatest Discontinued '90s Foods and Beverages: Ecto cooler Hi-C, Rice Crispies treats cereal, Berry Berry KIX, Fruitopia, Shark bites

Caramel Apple Pops


Pringles Case! I had a glittery blue one in my lunchbox every day. Can't believe I almost forgot about these things!

Yak Baks oh my god i had 1 nd me nd my sister alea made ths crazy dinosaur noise that we kept on there foreverrr we made it playing it bkwards

Mickey Mouse Talking Phone - My Grandma had one of these and we had the Sesame Street version. They were so cool!

awesome, had this doll

"Snack Foods From The 90's We Love" -- i just nostalgia-ed all over the place!!

Sparkzilla and Friends, photo by Patti Sundstrom: Stupendous spark spitting wind up toy. #Sparkzilla #Patti_Sundstrom

Yipes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe gum! Who cared that the flavor only lasted for 5 seconds?

Doodle bear! 90s

90s kids!

Wish they still made swirl pudding pops!