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    Flashback: 20 Snack Foods From The '90s We Love

    Check out these nostalgic snacks... and prepare to get hungry! Read More
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    Who else read these as a kid? #stevencostgrove #books #reading #serendipity

    Mary Poppins

    Loved it.

    cootie...we had this game growing up. My mom is actually looking for the old school version of this game. Instead, my niece bought her the modern one, but it's not the same.

    Our favorite books

    Counting bears, we had these in school!

    bear in the big blue house

    Label Maker! #90s

    beanie bears

    Loved reading these books when I was little.

    90s kid drinks

    #bubblejug #90skids miss this stuff!

    #kidpix 90s kids know

    DOES ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER LITE-BRITES???? They were the best toy! I wish that I could make a wall in my house made of Lite-Brite pegs! Do you have any toys that you miss from the 90's? Leave a comment below and I will make sure to post them next!

    Things from the 90's you will probably not see ever again. -- OMG PLEASE TELL ME YOU REMEMBER THESE??

    Magna doodle

    Little bear

    #90skids #allkids #childhood

    Pictures that should have been left in the 90s

    I love this movie so much. So much.

    I watched every episode.

    mary kate and ashley

    Those Were the '90s!

    Oh 90s

    You know you're from the 90s when you remember this stuff!