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    Druantia is the Celtic Goddess of Fir Trees and Fertility. Her names derives from the Indo-European root “deru” meaning tree or wood.

    I wouldn't... but I'd love to. (also can I be dyed that fair?)

    yeyejoijoi: Can anyone tell me where the pastel hair phenomenon originated from?  Did it begin with some pop culture figure, or is it just a function of having better chemical technology?

    i often think to myself, life would be a lot easier if i rolled out of bed with Brigitte Bardot hair. le sigh.

    Thinking of a few highlights like this. Pink Bubblegum Locks

    Omg I live this hair so much thank you charles elliott elliott Xavier I love this pin so so so much

    Why can girls who have red hair pull off black, and I can pull off red hair but not black?!?!?!

    Periwinkle Hair with Blue ombre! OMG ♥ MY LOVE FOR THIS IS INFINITE

    Beauty. Photos. Faces. Skin. Eyes. Hair. Lips. Eyebrows. Lashes. Kisses. Sun Kissed. People. Style. Love. Selfies. Glam. Cool. Chic. Classic. Makeup. Natural. Curls. Straight Hair. Curly. Short. Braids. Big Hair Don't Care. Long Hair. Bobs. Pixies. Tattoos. Piercings. Dreads. Icons. Iconic. BeYouTiful.

    I don't usually like strange colored hair, but I like this for some reason | loves this