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  • Christi Seidman

    Some kids need a little more detail when it comes to doing their chores. Break your chores down to the nitty gritty with these FREE printable chore sticks set.  Print out the chores and mod podge them onto craft sticks.

  • Sweet Tree Furniture

    idea for kids' chores (can put $ amount on it for allowance)

  • Jennifer Gates

    'Pick a chore jar' - Love this idea! Maybe it will work better for my kids than a chore chart.

  • Kelsey Posma

    Great idea for kids - a Chore Jar. Color coded for different areas of the house. There are free printables for all the chores and a how-to!!

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OMG. I have all the materials for this (because the chore jar sticks I wanted to do didn't work out). Gonna have to use this. free chore stick printables.

Chore sticks. I did something like this and it works like a charm. The boys use it as a competition to see who gets more sticks in the done jar everyday.

Kid to do list so they don't forget their routines... Maybe for Mekaila?

Chore "Rewards" a chore, get a punch. Get 12 punches, get a surprise. Very cool incentive idea for home!

Good cute idea to make with your kids and easy fun chore chart!! Maybe this cute idea with simple chores will help them on a daily basis to learn their own routines easier! :) love

$29.50 chore chart

Toy Ransom Box - such a cute idea & will be necessary if my son is anything like i was about cleaning up!

super cute chore jar. kids feel like they have some choice in the matter :)...i did a variation of this. i bought colored large craft sticks and color coded them by length of chore (blue are 5 min chores, orange are 15 min chores, etc...). i wrote the chores on the sticks with a sharpie. so far so good. my 9 year old lives for the "relax no chore today" stick:)

Looking for a creative way to make my kids more involved in chores at home. I can't do everything and learn German, and it's a terrible way to send them into the world. I like this, and it looks pretty easy to do. I'm thinking one for Hannah's room and one for John's.

chore chart; the only problem is I need a chart to put "chore chart craft board" on the 'to do' side. inspiration: each job is worth $, pay is based on job performance. have to do certain ones to qualify for pay though.

Custom Chore Chart System by MoreThanAMemoryAK on Etsy, $42.00...I know...Max isn't getting paid for chores, yet. He's in training right now! ;o)

Responsibility Chart dry erase chore chart personalized. $10.00, via Etsy.