Snowball ornament; coat with glue stick, dip in epson salt.

DIY Epsom Salt Ornaments and Candle

decorate with Epsom salts

DIY "crackled cystal" snowball ornament: Add a little water to a bowl of Mod Podge, just enough to thin it out a bit. Pour a little in a clear glass ornament, swirl it around to coat the inside, and let the excess drip out. Pour some epsom salt into the ornatment (and maybe a bit of silver gitter as well?), shake it up to coat the inside of the ornament. Let dry and voila!

Snowball Candle Holders Made with Epsom Salt #candle #decor #christmas #DIY #crafts

Christmas Ornament - would look lovely on top of a crystal clear candle stick

really different way to "paint" ornaments!

Put drops of acrylic paint inside clear bulbs, then shake. So pretty!

clear glass ornaments with old family photos.

Epsom salt Christmas decorations

Swirled ornaments - glass balls dipped in water with nail polish!

Regular candle holders, mod podge, epsom salt. Dry. Repeat. Magical...

Use Epsom salt as filler in a jar. Place a tealight atop the salt. It will look like a candle sitting in snow . . . fabulous idea for Christmas or even Halloween

snowball using mod podge and epsom salts

Handmade Christmas ornament (Would be cute on a vase or something)

Easy #holiday and party #decor! Epsom Salt Snow jar candles. Great for #Christmas but these could be all year for simple decor via @The Inspired Room

Christmas ornaments with buttons.

So doing this next year for decorations on the tree and gifts

2016/04/08 Steampunk Christmas ornament - Steampunk cork ornament - Hand painted ornament - Victorian Ornament - One of a kind

DIY Holiday Ornament Garland. Really cute idea.