fur collar, henley, dress.

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Pretty collared Dress:: Black and White:: Vintage Inspired fashion:: retro style


Wow... Beautiful

maxi skirt

Andrea Corr

"Spring Garden" Lace Collar Floral Tea Dress in Beige and Green Stripe by Miss Patina - I love these outfits!

Love this outfit

fur + leathery

Retro! I wore a dress EXACTLY like this in 1972!!! What a hoot to see that "everything old is new again" is really true! #iwasstylishanddidn'tevenknowit

Love this Dress! <3 Darling Embellished Scallop Lace Babydoll Dress

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Burgundy Cardigan, Peter Pan Collar Dress, Black Bowler Hat

Black Dress <3

Me encanta este outfit :(

I'm a huge fan of a black dress and white collar. Reminds me of the Wednesday from the Addam's family. -DH

Red Dress outfit. I wouldn't wear the red, but the shapes - I have a really great fur collar. But where would you go dressed like that?

Dark mori: gorgeous- composition, color, small head and lots of layers!

AGHHH LOVE THIS!! CUTENESS TO THE EXTREME. Plus size fashion photos - Tara Lynn for HM.jpg #plus-sized

Sunflower Babydoll Dress