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  • Missy Wood

    Ha! So true! Mommy humor

  • Emma Brantley

    A Funny Mom Quotes --> truth. definitely okay to cry over spilled breastmilk

  • Stacey Middleton-Lyons

    SO TRUE!!! made me so mad when I dropped a bag of pumped milk!!

  • SJ Sarah Guard

    Whoever said "there's no use crying over spilled milk" obviously never pumped 6 ounces, then accidently dumped it. (Hallmark Edge of Motherhood cards)

  • Mandy Brooks

    I laugh at this one because it has happened to me! Crying over spilt milk... TRUE Story!!!

  • Nannette Minley

    Pumping breast milk truth! (I was thinking this very thing this morning!)

  • Courtney Rhoton

    SO funny! I actually had nightmares right after Daniel was born of my pumped milk spilling out everywhere!

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