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You can't recover these and lose the love of your life.

Those who don't appreciate...

Original quote by William Arthur Ward. Beautiful graphic for a beautiful quote. - To watch free Inspirational Videos visit

How to Have a Lovely Day in 10 Easy Steps ____ 1) Smile at strangers. 2) Slow down. 3) Say thank you. 4) Give lots of compliments. 5) Dress nicely. 6) Wear perfume. 7) Observe and listen. 8) Be charming. 9) Laugh. 10) Wish people a lovely day.

Inspirational Sign with I Wish You List

Be Happy

be happy...

it works ;)

this is true~try to find good when your having a bad day. On one of mine [bad days] I found 3 good things :)

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inspirational quotes inspirational quotes inspirational quotes

Be "abc's" :)

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