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    Sunset in St. Petersburg, FL, from the pier. Night of Creeky Bones 5k.

    Yes, please, we will live here. This is the Snow House, a place where showering might be a tad exposed, but the layout and architectural set-up is undeniable. The house was constructed by Milan based design firm, Santambrogio, and is built throughout with a blue hued glass. The book cases, bed, and most everything is constructed with that same blue hued glass. Again, where do you shower?

    More sweetness... M-City was recently in Krakow, Poland for the ArtBooom Festival where he painted a mural on the side of famed Polish artist, Józef Mehoffer’s house, which now serves as a museum. The interior of the building houses antique furniture, chandeliers, wall hangings, clocks, books, and other works of art, including numerous works by the artist including stained-glass items, oils, decorative portraits, drawings, and many other items.

    Liqen’s contribution to Wall Therapy in Rochester, NY is a provocative black and white mural with strong line work. The image consists of an American eagle captured, guarded and under surveillance, likely a metaphor for American’s “freedoms.”

    NOLA City Park Sculpture Garden.

    Patio life. Chilln with the new ferns. Beautiful day!

    Canyonlands. Early morning.

    Dwarfed by a tree..

    Redwoods just south of Crescent City, CA. This is Boyscout Trail, which leads to Fern Falls. So beautiful. Gotta love tripods...

    Patio Life... Took this on a beautiful March afternoon.

    Just saw this looking through the sunroof with Rachél. What does it mean!?!? So beautiful...