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A correlation between adoption and wilderness survival? The skills used to complete my adoption search were don’t panic, act impulsively, or let fear drive your decisions. Stay positive—tap into the reservoir of inner strength and fortitude you never knew you had. Stay alert and never abandon the chance or the will to accomplish your goal.

Philomena Lee got pregnant at 18, was sent to an abbey to give birth, then was forced by nuns to give up her baby. She spent her entire life searching for him, as did he for her. Her son, Anthony died of AIDS in 1996 and was buried at the abbey in hopes of his mother finding him at last.

"Adoption searches - euphoric highs and melancholic lows! Dear Mom, Staying focused on my goal of finding you has forced me to deal with emotional setbacks, recognize false leads, and overcome stubborn bureaucracies....

Adoption—forgiveness and second chances. Have you ever wished for forgiveness and the opportunity for a new beginning?

The bond between a mother and her child is the strongest bond found in all of nature. All infants have an instinctive need to stay near their mothers for survival.

“Adoption—how far can you see?” If you are an adoptee, rise and look around you on a clear day. It is through your inner eye that you will...