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Jeju : Teddy Bear Museum - did not visit here. Teddy Bear Farm, instead! :D

대한민국 사랑해요! Korea insadong street 인사동

Tunuli Park, South Korea... I like that they have Crepe Myrtle trees there... Just like where I live in the Deep South!

Jakgwaecheon, South Korea | by JTeale, via Flickr

Jeju Island, South Korea ~ Honeymooners flock to this island off the coast of South Korea for the white-sand beaches, palm trees, beautiful sunsets and emerald waters. Two favorite beaches are Hyeopjae and Geumneung, and those looking for more adventure can hike up Mount Halle, the highest point in South Korea, at 6,400 feet. Need more adventure? Poke around inside the Manjanggul lava tube, part of which is open to the public. The busiest months on Jeju Island are July and August, but accommodations are plentiful.

Namdaemun Market, Seoul. This is a REALLY BIG market square. I enjoyed spending time here during my Winter vacation in December 2011. My family and friends joined me from South Africa.

Corea del Sur - Isla de Jeju (7 wonders of the world)