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Gosh this is quite a bit like my dad's place.. there's a stream that dries up most of the time but is like an underground spring on the way to the east pastures and the cottonwood trees next to the pond. I can walk that farm in my mind as if I were right there. Beautiful

Gorgeous country scene with horse and geese. I don't like that the horse looks hobbled, though

Razão de viver....

Morning-time in Ireland. Gorgeous countryside with a little bird greeting the sun. Very very nice pic!

Rounded pasture corners - minimize the ways horses can "trap" each other.

Pastures are the most important part of the perfect Horse Home; the happy horse is a free horse. Martha Stewart's Friesians happily graze above. Wonder if she has a free choice herb garden for them.

oldfarmhouse: “Farm Lifestyle http://pin.it/Hw7vFB7 ”

Under no circumstances should this child be barefoot I'm the chicken pen! I shudder at the thought of what parasites could enter het little body through those bare feet! Chickens desiccate anywhere they please! Never allow this for your child!