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Yep. This was me introducing Hubby to Doctor Who... Totally legit.

That’s how it mostly goes down…

Introducing a friend to your fandom. Yep, this is the reaction I get from my friend Lauren when I share my fandom a with her.

Some words of encouragement from Eleven - good for me since I'm studying my science right now!

Matt Smith being helpful. :) I'm so using this pic to help me get through my exams! Especially my drama exam:')

Funniest thing I saw of doctor who

The look on River's face is like "I'm gonna kill again"

Such a sad sad moment.  He knows so much at that moment about the pain he will cause her.

Look at his FUCKING face. He knows that it will happen.I am sad and angry because this post has so many feels from one face of a great actor Matt Smith.