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THE BORDER BETWEEN NORWAY AND SWEDEN --- This amazing border is one of the most popular destinations among the adventure-loving snowmobilers. The funny thing is that in Norway it is illegal to ride a snowmobile, unless for working purposes, while in Sweden it is allowed, regardless the reason you decide to enjoy the snow that way. More than 1000 miles of adrenaline rush among wolves and bears. #

Zion National Park is located in the Southwestern United States, near Springdale, Utah. Zion is often said to be the most beautiful place in America. Zion National Park is a perfect creation of Mother Nature in the heart of Utah. With two words – Zion National Park is the glory of Utah!!!

"Autumn Leaves" and "Nature Boy" Nat King Cole YouTube Videos The sweet sadness and simultaneous rejoicing in these songs touches my heart. These songs are two more pieces of my shredded soul flying back to me through blogging. (Click link to view/hear these pieces.) #popular_music #Autumn_Leaves #Nature_Boy #Nat_King_Cole

stormy cathedral reflection. merced river. yosemite. california. by tannerwendell. Please Like and Follow @go4fotos Thank You. :-)

Popular on 500px : Namib Desert by jackykobelt

Troy Meadows, Parsippany, NJ RP by DCH Paramus Honda Sales Associate Steve Chan

Worse.things.happen@sea II by edtsousa via